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C-MobILE is deploying cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) and services designed to deal with specific mobility challenges across Europe. The project also aims to help local authorities deploy the C-ITS services they need and to raise awareness of the potential benefits for all road users.

A total of eight C-ITS equipped cities and regions are involved in the project, all of which have been research pilot sites for large-scale deployment of sustainable services in the past. This common approach ensures that interoperability and seamless service availability are prioritised and at an acceptable cost for end-users.
C-MobILE is engaging with public and private stakeholders, including end-users, to enhance C-ITS services and to establish functioning partnerships beyond the project. It is also carrying out cost-benefit analyses and developing business models, particularly from the end-user’s perspective, to make sure C-ITS services do their job correctly.

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Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) use wireless technologies to enable real-time wireless communication between vehicles, roadside infrastructure, mobile devices and back-office systems. Vehicles are already connected devices, which interact directly with each other and with the road infrastructure. This way road safety and manageability of the transport network are improved, while congestion and costs are reduced. The time to create a highly interactive driving experience in our city is now. We are leading Thessaloniki to the future of driving and we make sure that you become a part of it. This action calls though everyone’s participation. Get involved and join our efforts to connect our city with the future.

Let's Connect our City with the Future of Driving

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In-Vehicle Signage

Get both static and dynamic information of road signs and the traffic status inside the vehicle. Get informed via in-vehicle information systems on static and dynamic road signs as indicated on physical road signs and on additional digital displays along the road. Become a more attentive driver by having actual and continuous information on road signage (e.g. speed limits), and adapt your behavior according to the applicable driving regulations.


Get an optimal speed advice when you approach a controlled intersection equipped with traffic lights. Drive smoother through the signalised intersection, reduce your vehicle’s stops, CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. Have a comfort driving experience by knowing in advance how you are going to pass an intersection.

Road Hazard Warning

Get informed in a timely manner of upcoming, and possibly dangerous events and locations through in-vehicle driving assistance information on hazardous locations downstream of the current position and in the driving direction of your vehicle. Get better prepared for the upcoming hazards and make necessary adjustments and manoeuvres in advance.

Road Works Warning

Get in-vehicle information and warnings about road works, changes to the road layout and applicable driving regulations. Become a more attentive driver while approaching and passing a work zone, ensure your safety and reduce the likelihood of an accident.

Accelerating the Future of Road Transport

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The objective of the Hellenic Institute of Transport (HIT) is to conduct and support applied research activities in the field of transportation in Greece, more specifically on issues relating to the organization, operation, planning and development of infrastructure, the standardization, economic analysis, management, vehicle technology and the impact assessment of transport services.
We focus on the application of information and communication technologies (ICT) and of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), as well as Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) in infrastructure and traffic management.


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